Cole, Jason M.

The John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom

; Symes, Daniel R.; Lopes, Nelson C.; Wood, Jonathan C.; Poder, Kristjan; Alatabi, Saleh; Botchway, Stanley W.; Foster, Peta S.; Gratton, Sarah; Johnson, Sara; Kamperidis, Christos; Kononenko, Olena; De Lazzari, Michael; Palmer, Charlotte A. J.; Rusby, Dean; Sanderson, Jeremy; Sandholzer, Michael; Sarri, Gianluca; Szoke-Kovacs, Zsombor; Teboul, Lydia; Thompson, James M.; Warwick, Jonathan R.; Westerberg, Henrik; Hill, Mark A.; Norris, Dominic P.; Mangles, Stuart P. D.; Najmudin, Zulfikar

A high resolution x-ray CT scan of an embryonic mouse sample was performed with the betatron x-ray source produced by a laser wakefield accelerator. This data deposition includes all of the raw images of the mouse sample, information regarding their indexing, featured slices of the tomogram and some further raw data regarding the x-ray source characterisation.

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